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Vine to Table

Bodin Street Wines & Spirits is deeply committed to supporting environmentally friendly farms, vineyards, and distillers. We make it a priority to represent producers who work with nature, and who have resolved to protect the health of their vines, land, and workforce.

We believe the benefits of championing responsible farming are readily apparent. By promoting natural viticulture, we support a winemaking future that is economically viable, environmentally conscious, and socially equitable. We also believe that organically farmed wines just taste better. Authentic, handcrafted wines offer compelling expressions of flavor and pleasure. 

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Wine Glasses
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Supporting Family Farms

Preserving and expanding the tradition of family farming is integral to our mission. We are committed to supporting farmers who share our passion and purpose, and who are dedicated to authenticity and craft.

Every producer that we partner with cultivates their vines with extraordinary care, celebrates the eccentricities of the seasons, and lets each year's vintage speak for itself. 

Natural Farming Practices

Sustainable winemaking takes many shapes and forms. Different countries apply different standards for organic certifications, and practices and approaches vary by region and philosophy.

Similarly, our producers differ in classification. But whether their farms are considered organic, biodynamic, or lutte raisonnée, generally speaking, they all share natural winemaking practices.


These include: 

Natural, Organic, or Biodynamic Farming

Dry farming, no use of irrigation

Older growth vines, generally 35-100 years

Handcrafted/Small Batch

Minimal intervention in the vinification and aging

Wild native yeast in fermentation

No commercial yeast for flavor alteration

No or minimal filtering/fining

No or minimal use of new oak

No chaptalization

No or minimal addition of SO2 (sulfites)

No chemical additives for aroma, color, or flavor

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“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation.

The universe is too full of stars.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Meet Our Partners

Join us at a tasting event and get to know the artisans and craftspeople behind Bodin Street's portfolio. Learn more about farming and growing, and connect with master winemakers one-on-one.  

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