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Wine in the Time of Corona

Sharing Wine During a Pandemic

During these past odd, challenging, and frightening months we've seen a lot of folks online finding comfort in our most cherished passion: wine.

Zoom wine tastings are now a thing, and the number of social media posts filed under "wine o'clock" has been staggering. And while we hope people aren't over-doing it, we can say with total sincerity: we get it.

We know a lot of the jokes and comments out there are about "needing a drink," but to us, there can be a great deal of comfort and calm in opening a good bottle of wine. Sharing a bottle of something exquisite can be affirming - it reminds us of community, of friendship, and of pleasures we take for granted. And in these socially distant times, is it any wonder such a ritual would be so soothing?

Wine also seems to symbolize a type of resligency. While we support limiting capacity at restaurants, we also love seeing how much our neighbors want to return to our favorite locales. Chefs and restaurant owners have, of course, gotten creative, and have developed a number of imaginative to-go models.

It might be a while before we can share a glass in person all of you - but we do toast our community often, and we hope that you find time to pause every now and then, appreciate the small joys that life continues to offer, and perhaps savor a glass of something special.

And if you ever need a recommendation for a new label . . . well, you know who to call.

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