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On Air With The Chicago Wine Report

In a wide ranging conversation, Susan shares her journey in the wine industry, and we dive into wines from Mexico.

We discuss the wonderful world of Mexican Wine, taste two fantastic bottles, and hear the remarkable story of how Bodin came into existence.

Reflecting on the interview, our host Lainie Peterson remarked,

“The entire team at the Chicago Wine Report was amazed at the depth of knowledge and experience that Susan and Laura brought to our interview. We learned so much, got to taste great wines, and had a fantastic time!”

Our President, Susan VanKoughnett, replied,

"We're grateful for the opportunity to share our story with Chicago Wine Report listeners. Lainie and the team are doing important work in our industry. We're looking forward to future episodes."

If you missed the live broadcast, catch the recording on Facebook, YouTube, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

The Chicago Wine Report focuses on the community of people who sell and drink wine throughout the Chicago area. Subscribe to their newsletter and learn more here.

About Bodin Street Wine and Spirits

Bodin Street Wines and Spirits is an independent, family-owned fine wine and spirits importer and distributor, dedicated to delivering the highest quality selections throughout Illinois. We champion forward-thinking winemakers, distillers, and vintners and we are committed to representing a comprehensive but thoughtful selection of wine estates and winemakers worldwide. Our producers consciously adhere to responsible, terroir-driven farming practices and are known leaders in natural, organic and biodynamic winemaking. We help chef-driven restaurants and boutique wine shops create portfolios full of high-quality, small-production wines and spirits. For more information, find us at or follow us at Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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