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February 2023 Events

Bodin Street Wines & Spirits hosts Mateo Flores from Pinckney Bend Distillery and Jennifer Van Buren from Wine Dogs Imports.

Taste premium craft spirits with Mateo Flores from Pinckney Bend Distillery on Wednesday, February 8.

All of Pinckney Bend’s offerings are the result of what is traditionally grown in the region. For example, they source heirloom corn varietals and cultivate relationships with local farmers who are producing these unique strains of corn. They are committed to producing quality spirits, not quantity. For example, their vodka is pot and column distilled. There are faster methods, but this approach is the best tasting. Come meet Mateo and experience it for yourself.

About Mateo Flores:

Mateo has a Marketing and Management degree from Lindenwood University in St Charles, Missouri. His experience includes over 20 years in the service industry, mixed with a fiveyears in corporate technical training for Apple. He has been with Pinckney Bend for two years. Mateo distills the vodka, represents Pinckney Bend at special events and festivals, and develops relationships with distributors and retailers in outside markets. He loves golf, hip-hop, movies, and spends way too much money on good bourbons.

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Taste new releases from Australia and New Zealand with Jennifer Van Buren from Wine Dogs Imports on Wednesday, February 22.

Some our favorite selections from Wine Dogs include Garage Project, Neudorf, Quartz Reef, Rippon, and Tablelands (all from New Zealand) and Charlotte Dalton, Vine Mind, Walsh & Sons (Australia). About Jennifer Van Buren:

Despite receiving degrees in criminal justice and psychology from American University, Jennifer’s heart (and palate) led her to the food and wine haven of New Orleans following graduation. There, she immediately immersed herself in the restaurant scene. She nurtured her love of wine by accepting an office job for a boutique importer, which quickly grew into a national sales role. When Hurricane Katrina forced that business to close, Jennifer relocated to Denver. After two brief stints with similar companies (one that fortuitously resulted in her meeting her now-husband), she found her home for the next seven years with New Zealand wine importer, Station Imports, based in Southern Colorado. In early 2017, Jennifer joined Wine Dogs Imports as the National Sales Representative, opening and running many markets all over the country. She has received her WSET L3 certification and aspires to keep learning more about wine & life every day.

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Can't attend? We'll come to you. Contact your sales rep to schedule a tasting

appointment or email

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About Bodin Street Wine and Spirits

Bodin Street Wines and Spirits is an independent, family-owned fine wine and spirits importer and distributor, dedicated to delivering the highest quality selections throughout Illinois. We champion forward-thinking winemakers, distillers, and vintners and we are committed to representing a comprehensive but thoughtful selection of wine estates and winemakers worldwide. Our producers consciously adhere to responsible, terroir-driven farming practices and are known leaders in natural, organic and biodynamic winemaking. We help chef-driven restaurants and boutique wine shops create portfolios full of high-quality, small-production wines and spirits. For more information, find us at or follow us at Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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