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2022 Wines for the Bird

Thanksgiving food pairings with wines from Mexico!

If you're looking for the perfect wine pairing for your Thanksgiving dinner or holiday celebration, look no further than Mexican wines. Here's our team's picks! Place an order by contacting us directly.

Susan's picks:

  • Tres Raíces 2021 sauvignon blanc from Guanajuato (100% sauvignon blanc) with veggies tossed in a herbal vinaigrette.

  • Bruma's 2021 "Plan B Tinto" from Baja Norte (40% grenache, 30% nebbiolo, 15% syrah, 15% mouvèdre) pairs perfectly with roasted rosemary brussel sprouts.

  • Parvada's 2021 "Cardenal" from Coahuila (50% malbec, 50% caladoc) pairs wonderfully with turkey.

Charles' picks:

  • El Bajío's 2019 marselan from Querétaro (100% marselan) with dark chocolate cake.

  • San Juanito 2020 malbec from Querétaro (100% malbec) with that dark meat turkey and any dish with mushrooms.

Casimir's picks:

  • Adobe Guadalupe's 2019 "Jardin de Tru" from Baja California (malbec, merlot, syrah) to pair beautifully with anything drenched in gravy- from turkey and mashed potatoes, to green beans and stuffing.

  • El Bajío's non-vintage Sparkling Brut from Querétaro is a great sparkling to celebrate with family and end the night!

Nadia's picks:

  • Parvada's 2021 "Cardenal" from Coahuila (50% malbec, 50% caladoc) is the perfect red wine for charcuterie on the couch with Netflix!

  • El Bajío's non-vintage Sparkling Brut from Querétaro pairs with oysters and truffle fries.

Laura's picks:

  • Vinaltura's 2019 chenin blanc from Querétaro (100% chenin blanc) with baked goat cheese or chicken liver pâté appetizers

  • Palafox's 2018 "Tributo" from Valle de la Grulla (60% tempranillo, 40% cabernet sauvignon) pairs perfectly with roasted lamb.

  • Pozo de Luna's 2020 viognier from San Luis Potosí (100% viognier) pairs with butternut squash soup seasoned with citrus and tarragon.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bodin Street team!

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