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Bob is not an email guy.

Robert Meisner


Robert ’Bob’ Meisner is the patriarch of the Bodin Street team. A lover of all things food and wine, Bob has many wonderful memories of evenings spent around the dinner table, savoring good meals and great bottles of wine.

Bob is a member of the ‘Greatest Generation’ and was part of the B-29 crews that flew the bombing missions to Tokyo that brought an end to World War II. After returning home from the Pacific Theater, he enjoyed a long, successful career at Kraft Foods. For 35 years Bob worked as a product engineer and was responsible for food product manufacturing at plants around the country.

Today, he lends his expertise in logistics and cuisine to the Bodin Street operation, and delights in spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Favorite Wine

Bob has lots of favorite Bodin Street wines. Recently, he's opened a few bottles of this gem:

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