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Mary Jo Meisner


Mary Jo Meisner brings a wealth of executive experience to the Bodin Street team. Over the course of her distinguished career, Mary Jo has led large operations in the newspaper business, philanthropy and public policy arenas. She has worked as a reporter, editor and publisher at newspapers throughout the US and was a senior executive for 15 years at the Boston Foundation.

After spending a year as an Advanced Leadership Initiative fellow at Harvard University, Mary Jo formed MJM Advisory Services, a bespoke consulting firm that advises senior leaders in the private sector on their social impact initiatives.

While working in the newspaper business, Mary Jo and her family lived all over the United States, including a stint at the San Jose Mercury News during the mid-1980s and the emergence of dozens of new fine wine producers in California. She became enamored of the spirit and beauty of the industry and started a lifelong love of wine and its creators

Favorite Wine

In 2018, several members of our family travelled to Baja to meet with the producers Bodin Street represents in the special region of Valle de Guadelupe. While I love all our Baja wines and their family stories, I am particularly fond of the wines from Bodegas Lurton whose winemaker, Lourdes ‘Lulu’ Martinez Ojeda, was born and raised in the region and learned her craft working at the Lurton Chateau in Bordeaux for more than 10 years.

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