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Madeline Beckta

Office Support

Madeline loves all things wine and food. It would be hard not to with Susan VanKoughnett as a mother! And she has carried forward that legacy of food, hospitality, business and love of learning in everything she is doing at home, at work and with her own family.

Madeline attended the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University and has both a business degree from DePaul University and a pastry degree from Kendall College, the premier culinary school in Chicago. She worked in specialty food and wine retail in New England and Chicago before purchasing an 80-acre farm in Northern Michigan with her husband Adam Beckta in 2015. 

Wandering Winds Farm is now a thriving market farm providing a wide range of produce, specializing in gourmet mushroom production, garlic, and small fruits. Wandering Winds also offers a range of Madeline’s farmstead fruit preserves.

Bodin Street is lucky to have Madeline’s hospitality and business expertise as part of our company. She oversees our accounting, ordering and inventory operations.

Adam and Madeline are raising two little boys -- Edward and Perrin -- who already know their way around a tractor and grapevines!

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