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Laura Buso

Sales, Marketing, & Operations Director

In 2020, Laura began WSET classes in Boston as a means of armchair travel during a time when most of the world was under lockdown. The pandemic, climate change, and social justice movements were rightfully exposing faults in the wine industry- each lecture, tasting, and bottle transported her to a different country, climate, and era, and piqued her interest to learn more.

After relocating to Chicago, she discovered Bodin Street. Impressed by Susan's commitment to outstanding quality wine made with regenerative practices, she applied to join the team. 

Laura's background is a blend of project management, operations, marketing, and administration. She

completed her WSET 3 certification at American Wine School, and earned a bachelors in communications from Simmons College and a masters in sustainability from Harvard.

Favorite Wine

The wines of Mexico are some of Laura's favorites, especially the regions of San Luís Potosí and Querétaro. Domestically, Sonoma Mountain and Yamhill are producing some of the most elegant reds.  

Above all, Laura shares Bodin Street's deep commitment to supporting environmentally friendly vineyards and representing female producers and winemakers who have resolved to protect the health of their vines, land, and workforce.

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