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Troon Vineyard Glou-Glou

Troon Vineyard

From the winemaker:

Grenache grown in the Applegate Valley has more in common with Oregon Pinot Noir than it does with Grenache grown in California or Washington. Graceful and floral with an elegant and balanced style, this Grenache will dramatically change your perception of this variety. All to often, Grenache, which rushes to ripeness in hot climates, is picked overripe and made into high-alcohol monsters, but not at Troon. We are extremely committed to this variety and believe it will be one of the wines that Applegate Valley becomes known for and we just planted three new vineyard blocks with Grenache so it will be a big part of Troon’s future. As with Syrah, we will be offering two distinct Estate Grenache wines in the future. This selection is produced from Biodynamic® Grapes from Cowhorn Vineyard here in the Applegate Valley.

Applegate, Oregon


United States

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