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Pinckney Bend Heirloom Whiskey

Pinckney Bend Distillery

From the distiller:

Bloody Butcher corn is an heirloom variety believed to have been passed from Native Americans to settlers in Virginia in the 1840’s.  It has a rich red color and when ground, the cornmeal is spotted with red flecks, like a butcher’s apron. Hence the name. More than a hundred years ago Bloody Butcher corn was known as a good all-around variety for roasting, flour, meal, and livestock feed. It was also popular with folks who produced illicit whiskey in the Missouri Ozarks. Today this heirloom variety is growing in popularity among craft distillers.

This 3-year expression has a beautiful golden honey color and a delightful new-baseball glove smell. The taste begins with a marmalade sweetness, but finishes with a deceptively long, but soft, back. Everything about this whiskey evokes the sensations of a cedar log cabin. It is quickly becoming a staff favorite.


Heirloom Corn

United States

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