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Pinckney Bend Corn Whiskey

Pinckney Bend Distillery

From the distiller:

Pinckney Bend Corn Whiskey is made from locally-grown corn. It’s pot distilled in small batches and brought down to bottling strength with water from 1200 feet deep Ozark Plateau limestone aquafir.  Never made in bulk quantities, Pinckney Bend Corn Whiskey remains true to its heritage. This whiskey is an excellent example of what was produced by skilled distillers, sold by reputable merchants and consumed by working people in the early and mid 19th century.

Pinckney Bend Corn Whiskey exudes a pure, fresh aroma. Far from a ‘moonshine’, this full cut clear spirit is surprisingly smooth.  The raw nose quality is far more subtle on the tongue, displaying a clean, crisp corn note. Short finish makes this an ideal ‘bartenders’ whiskey who’s flavor profile can easily be adapted.



United States

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