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Le Rocher des Violettes Montlouis Cuvée Les Borderies

Le Rocher des Violettes

From the winemaker:

This is a common vineyard name, referring to--you guessed it--borders. In this case, the parcel is up against the Forest of Amboise, along the northern edge of this sector of the Montlouis appellation. Xavier has three contiguous parcels of Chenin here, one planted in 1992, another in 1965, and the third pre-World War II. 

The wine is raised for six months in older demi-muid barrels. The range for residual sugar for demi-sec is 8-30 g/l; Les Borderies stays around 10 g/l, hence the tendre designation, which is the informal class between sec and demi-sec. 1,000 cases annually.

Loire Valley

Chenin Blanc


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