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Las Nubes Seleccion de Barricas

Las Nubes Bodegas y Viñedos

From the winemaker:

Seleccion de Barricas has a medium color intensity, ruby red, with purple hues that showcase youth. Great cleanliness, and sparkle that note a healthy wine and well balanced wine. High density that shows its alcohol levels.

A good aromatic intensity, the wine has complex aromas that show fruits, wood, and flowers. Notes of red fruits, like cherries, raspberries and currants are present. The oak is expressed through the delicate caramel scents at the end we find interesting hibiscus notes. 

A very expressive wine, intense, dry taste, firm tannins, and long lasting finish with an aftertaste to confirm the fruit, and flower aromas.

Baja, Valle de Guadalupe



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