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El Cielo "Galileo"

El Cielo Winery

From the winemaker:

Italian astronomer who not only perfected the telescope, but proved the existence of the Moon.

Grapes: Tempranillo.
Alcohol: 13.6%
Serving Temperature: 16°C-18°C/61°F-64°F
Harvest: 12 months in American and French oak barrels.


View: It has a beautiful cherry red color with a transition edge.

Nose: It has fruity aromas like blackberries, redcurrants, raspberries, wet earth, spices and leather.

Taste: The wine is medium bodied, with good structure and balance in acidity and alcohol with highly polished tannins.

Pairing: It harmonizes very well with spicy Mexican food, mole, achiotes, tinga, meatballs as well as sausages and semi-mature cheeses.

It is recommended to consume at a temperature of 16° C.

Baja, Valle de Guadalupe



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