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Champagne Lancelot-Pienne Table Ronde

Champagne Lancelot Pienne

From the winemaker:

Characteristics - Our Cuvée de la Table Ronde is made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes from our vines specially selected among our Grands Crus cuvées on the Côte des Blancs (Cramant, Avize, Chouilly). The core of this cuvée (80%) is from the 2014 harvest, blended with older wines stored under the Solera 'system. In this cuvée we have aimed to make use of dosage sugar (3.5g/l) as one would for cooking salt, as a taste enhancer bringing precision and harmony to the wine. With the winemaking being conducted in vats so as to obtain the high definition character of the Côte des Blancs, we bring forth our terroir's identity and offer wine lovers the best they can expect. 

Tasting - The pale gold colour attracts the eye. A light froth and matching bubbles. The nose is marked by the dominance of ginger bread, brioche and buttery characters yet allowing the underlying mineral aspect to show though. The mouth confirms the nose impressions with the minerality typical of the Côtes des Blancs. A fine, sweet, light length. Perfect balance yet improved by the 3.5g/l dosage.




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