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Champagne Lancelot-Pienne Instant Présent

Champagne Lancelot Pienne

From the winemaker:

Presentation - This 100% Chardonnay champagne is made with grapes from plots selected by our winemaker for their personality and quality. These plots are located in the Grands Crus villages of the Côte des Blancs and sometimes on the hillsides south of Epernay (Monthelon and Mancy) when they produce exceptional grapes. On a base of 80% from the 2015 harvest ,20 % of reserve wines are added for freshness, having been stored under the "Solera" system for matter and complexity. This cuvée was bottled in March 2016 and matured in our chalk cellars. 

Tasting - The nose reveals light, delicate, springtime aromas evocative of a basket full of many-scented fruits. The mouth displays the same complexity as the nose with lightness and finesse. Pleasure arises early on on the palate and calls for a second sip ! Dosage (7 g/l) perfectly rounds off this wine and makes for a good tasting balance.




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