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Château de Lavernette Granit Blanc de Noir

Château de Lavernette

From the winemaker:

GRANIT comes exclusively from Beaujolais Villages grapes (100% Gamay). It is a sparkling wine “blanc de noirs”. 

The grapes are gently hand-harvested into perforated crates. The base wine is obtained by lightly pressing the whole clusters. Once the base wine is made, it is ready for the “tirage” (we add yeast and sugar then bottle it). The wine ferments and ages in bottle (called “prise de mousse”) before it is ready to disgorge (the dead yeast cells are separated from the wine). We do not add any ”liqueur de dosage” for the GRANIT, that is why we call it ”BRUT NATURE”. (extra Dry wine). 




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