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Casa Magoni Merlot - Malbec

Casa Magoni

From the winemaker:

Two international varieties from the same region, Bordeaux. Merlot is grown in all the wine countries, and Malbec has turned into the icon of Argentinean wines. Both varieties are grown with excellent results in the Baja California valleys. 

COLOR - Bright ruby with violet rim.

AROMA - Elegant, intense with black fruit aromas like prune and blackberry. Toasty and spice with notes of licorice and black pepper. 

FLAVOR - Rich on palate, black fruits are maintained and the floral notes stand out. Balanced with a velvety texture and long finish. 

Average brix: Merlot 24 / Malbec 25 Suggested serving temperature: 15° C Alcohol: 13.2%

Baja, Valle de Guadalupe

Merlot, Malbec


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