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Casa Magoni Chard/Vermentino

Casa Magoni

From the winemaker:

This is one of the first varieties that we have passed from an experimental stage, to commercial production. Its aroma is fresh and fruity giving this wine its characteristic vivacity. 

COLOR - A pale and luminous yellow with a light green hue. 

AROMA - Vigorous, fresh and elegant with aromas of green apple, grapefruit peel and tropical fruits. An elegant nose that also gives white floral tones. 

FLAVOR - Crisp, fresh, balanced; elegant in the palate. Fresh and firm acidity. Citric notes with a medium to long finish. 

Average brix: Chardonnay 23.5 / Vermentino 23.8 Temperatura sugerida para consumo: 12°C Alcohol: 12.5%

Baja, Valle de Guadalupe

Chardonnay Blend


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