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Bodegas Lurton Le Sauvignon

Bodegas Henri Lurton

From the winemaker:

Our Sauvignon Blanc is made with grapes from Rincon de Guadalupe in the Valley of San Vicente. Pressed on Bucher Inertys pneumatic grape press under controlled atmosphere to guarantee our pressed juices are extracted without oxidation of aromas and color along with a cold pre-fermentative maceration to enhance the wine's aromatic component. Fermented and aged at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. 

Clean pale robe with a discrete and elegant nose. Notes of grapefruit and jasmin with a hint of minerality and cassis buds, gives it an extra layer of aromatic richness. Great freshness and balance in the palate with a clean, long aromatic end. A precise, crisp and pure wine.

Baja, Valle de Guadalupe

Sauvignon Blanc


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