La Couterie Calvados Toutain Hors D'age 15ans


From the producer:

This Calvados is appreciated by amateurs. Its roundness and length on the palate give off all its aromas over time. A large blend combining the qualities of robustness and the strength of an Hors d'Age. 

Golden yellow, slightly coppery, limpid and brilliant. The nose is, at first, fruity and slightly vanilla and then more floral with some citrus notes. A fine, complex wine without aggressiveness. It is soft and round on the palate. Very balanced between aromas of green apples, dried fruits, vanilla and oak wood. Long and melted on the palate, keeping freshness. 

Selection: 0.70 l, 1.50 l or 3 l bottles Alcohol content: 40%

(15 years old minimum) 




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