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Our Events

From dinners to tastings to special soirées, we are always thrilled to bring people together and to share a bottle of something special. See what's coming up on our calendar, and make a plan to join us at our next get together.

Come Together

Connect with Community

Every year, Bodin Street programs an exciting calendar of interesting and exciting culinary events. We help our local partners discover new products, expand their expertise, and learn about the journey of our wines and spirits.

Beyond sharing our own perspective, we also host acclaimed wine and spirit makers from around the world for our Meet the Winemaker series. Educational and engaging, these special occasions allow you to chat with producers one-on-one and get an intimate view of the love and care that goes into every bottle of Bodin Street wine. 


Upcoming Events

Get to know the winemakers, distillers, and beverage experts who keep our glasses filled. Join us for an educational evening of wine and cusine, and enjoy a memorable happy hour (or two) that really lives up to the name.

Upcoming Events

Meet the Winemaker

About Our Wines

Bodin Street travels all around the world to find wines we believe in. We're committed to working with eco-friendly vineyards and producers, and we work to forge meaningful relationships with every winemaker we represent.

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