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Smile with Wine

Bodin Careers


Be Part of our Team

Bodin Street is committed to growing rich and vibrant communities - and that starts with our own office. We work to cultivate a dynamic and diverse work environment; one that plays a meaningful role in furthering our mission of sustainability in wine and food production. 

Dedicated collaborators, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional experience that is defined by fine wine, excellent food, and interesting people.

Bodin (Viti)culture

Bodin Street strives to run our company in a way that values our customers and our team members. We help you learn more about the world of wine, offer meaningful opportunities for professional growth, and give you the support you need to succeed in your career,

Education & Training

There are always new wines to try, new regions to explore, and new producers to meet. We're always educating ourselves, and always helping our team members grow their expertise. 

Professional Network

Bodin sales reps work directly with a global community of winemakers. Our team members travel the world to tour vineyards, sample products, and explore the landscape of wine. 

Innovative Leadership

Our forward-thinking leaders work to create a culture that is defined by collaboration and communication. We value your skills, take feedback, and give you the tools you need to grow and thrive.

French Wine

Team Benefits

What We Offer

Our team members enjoy a workplace that is shaped by curiosity, passion, and respect.


We provide meaningful opportunities for professional development and advancement, and give you the tools you need to build a career that is exciting, interesting, and fufilling.

Ability to Manage Your Own Growth

Continuing Education & Training

Flexible Work Envirnment

Unique Development Oportunities

International Travel Opportunities

Direct Access to Global Wine Community 

Develop Network in Hospitality & Retail

Frequent Events & Wine Tastings


Explore Opportunities

Bodin Street is always happy to meet wine and beverage professionals who share our enthusiasm for community, eco-friendly farming, and the tradition of winemaking.


If you are interested in finding a place within our dynamic team, we encourage you to reach out so we can discuss opportunities.

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