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About Us

Bodin Street is a community-minded importer and distributor of fine wine and spirits. A family-run operation, we are committed to showcasing products we care about, to supporting producers we believe in, and to helping Illinois retailers and restaurateurs build sensational beverage programs.

Our Philosophy

Dedicated to Quality

Bodin Street's work is rooted in a deep appreciation for nature, community, and the craft of winemaking. We are dedicated to spotlighting winemakers and distillers who farm sustainably and respect the natural power of the land. To us, truly great wine does start in the vineyard. That's a common phrase in viticulture, but we are privileged to work with producers who put it into practice every day.


To us, there's magic in sharing a carefully made bottle of something delicious - which is why we work hard to find the most delicious bottles out there. Passionate and curious, we are driven by the belief that life, like a good wine, should be enjoyed, shared, and appreciated.

Our Story
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Our Story

When people ask, we say that Bodin Street Wines & Spirits began like many great adventures do: at a dining table, over some bottles of wine.


That's where our founder, Susan VanKoughnett, developed an abiding love for culture and cuisine. Growing up, she delighted in the joys and customs of family dinners, and became fascinated by the world of food and drink. 


After finding success as a wine industry executive, Susan decided to share her knowledge and passion for wine more broadly and start her own distribution company. With her family as partners, she named the newly formed company after the street where she and her family grew a love for food, wine, and each other -- Bodin Street.


Years of Experience


Partner Vineyards


Cases Sold


Tastes & Toasts

Join Our Team

Bodin Street does great work because we work with great people. That means the folks we work with at restaurants, at retail locations, and most of all: the people we work with every day at the office. We're passionate about working with people who share our curiosity and passion - if that's you, we encourage you to explore a career in wine.

Our Portfolio

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Find Our Wines

Bodin Street helps chef-driven restaurants and boutique wine shops create portfolios full of high-quality, small-production wines and spirits.


You can find our craft selections throughout the Chicagoland area in creative dining rooms, at neighborhood staples, and on the shelves of your favorite retailers.

Explore Our Wines

Bodin Street travels all around the world to find wines we believe in. We're committed to working with eco-friendly vineyards and producers, and we work to forge meaningful relationships with every winemaker and distiller we represent.

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