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Troon Vineyard

Troon Vineyard is a Biodynamic and Regenerative Organic Certified diversified farm in Oregon's Applegate Valley. All Troon wines are from the farm's biodynamically grown grapes and spontaneously fermented, without the addition of any additives. Grape growing and winemaking at Troon is straighforward and minimalist, with the view that memorable wines are only possible when both soil and vines are healthy.

Whites, Reds and Orange wines are all made using whole-cluster pressing and aged in mature French Oak barrels. No additives, commerical yeast, acids, sugar or enzymes are used  for a healthy wine that truly reflects every nuance of the grapes.

Gorgeous wines from a gorgeous place! 


Applegate Valley, Oregon, United States


Bodin Street Wines & Spirits


Biodynamic, Regenerative Organic, Sustainable

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