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Le Rocher des Violettes

Le Rocher des Violettes, in the appellation of Montlouis in the Loire Valley, is the creation of Xavier Weisskopf, a young winemaker at the time; having just completed four vintages at Chateau de Saint Cosme as Louis Barruol's Chef du Cave. 

In 2005, Xavier purchased 22 acres of vines ( Chenin Blanc) in Montlouis  (little appreciated and old appellation in Vouvray) and an 15th century stone cellar and added another 40 acres of vines, most classified as AOP Montlouis and the rest divided between Touraine and Vin de France.  Growing small amounts of Chenin Blanc ( his passion) and even smaller amounts of Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Malbec, and Groulleau for Rose, Xavier converted to strictly organic farming practices in 2009. Organic certification was granted in 2016.

Xavier raises his wines to be fresh, mineral, long and lean and in doing so, has elevated this 'underdog appellation' to new heights.


Montlouis, Loire Valley, France


Vintage 59


Organic Practices, Sustainable

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