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Champagne JM Sélèque

JM Seleque champagne was created by Henri Sélèque. In 1965 he planted the first vines along with his father-in-law and president of the Pierry wine cooperative, Jean Bagnost. Richard, Henri’s son, joined the estate in 1974 and started making champagnes and with his guidance, the house increased production to 50,000 bottles of wine in the 1990s. The house is now managed by Jean-Marc, son of Jean whose contributions helped shape the personal and respected allure of this fine champagne.

Jean-Marc Seleque represents the future of the region. One of a number of young men who has taken over the family vineyard and has decided to not sell the stock of fruit but to create his own cuvees. Jean Marc thinks about his vineyards like a musical chorus where fruit is the musical score and the notes are derived from the climate, soil, labour, patience, expertise and history.


Pierry, Champagne, France


Vintage 59


Biodynamic, Sustainable, Organic Practices

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