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Importer & Distributor of Fine Wines & Spirits

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About Bodin Street

A Family Tradition

Bodin Street Wines & Spirits is a family-run, fine wine importer and distributor based in Chicago.


We are passionate about connecting communities to delicious, sustainable wines, and to championing products that exemplify character, quality, and dedication to craft.

Our Vision

Authentic & Sustainable

Bodin Street is defined by one thing: authenticity. We work with a community of producers who are intensely devoted to excellence, and who care deeply about the practice and heritage of making wines and spirits.


Thoughtfully made and carefully constructed, each bottle we represent tells a story of provenance and passion, and conveys our producers' remarkable commitment to process, elegance, and flavor.

Our Wines & Spirits

Finely Made, Finely Sourced

We venture all over the world to find standout wine and spirit makers whose work speaks to our local partners in Illinois. Handpicked and well-rounded, our catalog offers a range of outstanding selections that are easy to feature, easy to sell, and easy to enjoy.

We work with extraordinary vineyards who employ organic farming techniques and produce exceptional expressions.

Our Team

Bodin Street is powered by a hard-working family of beverage experts, industry professionals, and wine enthusiasts. Helpful and collaborative, our family shares a deep love for cuisine, culture, and community.

Our Partners

We help leaders in retail and hospitality find labels that are perfectly suited for their beverage programs. Whether you need products for a small storefront or a Michelin dining room, we can find bottles that support your values and vision.

Our Winemakers

Every year, our Meet the Winemaker series connects our customers to our community of winemakers and distillers. Join us for an event, and get to know the growers and producers behind our portfolio.

Special Events

Enjoy a sip of something spectacular at one of Bodin Street's lively industry events. Educational and enriching, each tasting or dinner is an opportunity to expand your expertise and discover new products and producers.

No upcoming events at the moment

Tastings, News & Notes

Drink Well, Live Well

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Social Spirits

Our adventures in food and wine, some scenes from vineyards, and of course: a recommended bottle or two.

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